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We love FX and we love what we do!

The VFX School is an online academy created with the goal of training both students and professionals who want to specialize in FX, using Houdini.

It was founded in 2018 by a couple of FX professionals, Daniel Larrosa and Agustín Schilling, that identified the need to expand educational opportunities of the FX industry across the world. Our objective is to give every person, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to study in the VFX industry. Our Houdini courses are perfect for students who desire an avant-garde, flexible online FX program. Our experienced instructors and staff really care about the success of our students!

We develop a practical, quality and cutting-edge training to encourage our student’s talent and creativity. The training contents have been built on the basis of new technologies and new communicative approaches, capable to reach international audiences.

Our educational philosophy is based on a simple and enjoyable teaching system that provide students with the knowledge and skills to create their professional Demo Reel.

Meet Our Team

The VFX School team is comprised of a small group of professionals who are committed to your educational success. Our collective experience is what makes us unique and exceptional.

Agustín Schilling


Agustin started working as a professional in Argentina in 2002, making film productions as 3D Generalist. In 2009, the largest advertising company in Buenos Aires hired him as FX Technical Director. He was able to work for numerous TV commercials, obtaining the necessary knowledge to start his international experience in 2010.

Animal Logic, Dr. D Studios, WWFX and MPC were some of the most important studios, in which he worked on projects such as The Legend of the Guardians, Happy Feet 2, Expendables 2 and The Man of Steel, performing his role as FX Technical Director.

In 2011, he founded PyroVFX, a remote FX company, where he has developed film and commercial projects for countries around the globe: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Spain, Greece, among others.

Daniel Larrosa


Daniel has been working in the industry for over 8 years. Throughout his years of career, he has got the chance to be part of huge projects around the world, providing state-of-the-art pieces with the highest industry standards. These projects have allowed him to display and enhance his expertise on FX Artist.

He is specialized in simulating phenomena by using physic and dynamic effects, i.e., fluids, fire, smoke, explosions, destructions and atmospheric effects. Some productions that proudly fill his portfolio are: Ford Christmas commercial (Ford Natal), Discovery TV show opening (Discovery Street Magic), Nestlé commercial (Boss Beyond), 3Dar short film (Uncanny Valley), Cadillac commercial (Bold Start), “Yanca y el Espíritu del Volcán” film, “Storm Riders 4D” film, and Pixi Post.

Being involved with more than 100 companies has certainly led him to acquire a solid skill set that shows through his outstanding portfolio. Since 2013, he belongs to the PyroVFX team.