Welcome, soldier! Are you ready to demolish buildings, flood cities or maybe, making a stadium sprout from the underground? These are just some of the things that you will be able to learn in Houdini Renascence Program.

At Houdini Renascence Program, we train you to face any FX project successfully.

Don’t you know Houdini yet? We tell you:

Houdini is a software developed by SideFX, and it has become one of the favorite on film productions among top VFX studios around the world, due to its endless number of tools and a procedural workflow that make it perfect to face any challenge. Check out their latest Demo Reel here.

The course content was carefully selected, backed by 16-year experience in the FX industry. Learn more about us here:

We have tried our best to offer you the best material. This course has been meticulously structured to take your FX skills to the next level so that you will be able to find a job in a top VFX studio in the future or maybe, become a successful FX freelancer.

Our commitment, as an online school, is to offer the best learning experience in the market. Therefore, all our content is available in English and Spanish.


This course will be delivered via video only.

We will work on weekly projects, so will have to meet the assigned challenges. Keep in mind that these assignments will make up interesting material for your Demo Reel.

Likewise, we will give you access to the Facebook support group, where you can interact with your instructor and classmates.

The course is divided into 4 modules:


The Awakening (8 weeks)

We will start by explaining how to take your first steps in the software. The content is highly optimized to get you familiar with Houdini in a dynamic and productive way. We won’t talk about every menu or button; all this information will be explained on-the-go, along with the training. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable from the start.

You will find out about the main nodes in Houdini, you will learn to move around the interface and we will teach you how to control points and particles (points, pops and grains).

At the end of this module, you will be able to create simulations of rain, sand, snow, perspiration, sparks, ashes, confetti, fireworks, bubbles, and much more.

This is not a lighting and rendering course, but we will teach you everything you need to submit your project with a perfect final look.


Rise of the Fallen (8 weeks)

You will become a weapon of mass destruction! You will learn to perform different types of fractures and we will provide you with all the tools to control and choreograph your simulations.

In this second module, you will put together everything you have learned so far to create complex scenes using particles.

Breaking objects, demolishing buildings or splitting a land into two lots, are just some of the challenges you will face here!


Fire Inception (8 weeks)

Explosions, fire, smoke, clouds … everything you have been waiting for! This module is full of action.

We will focus on learning to emit and control volumes, using one of the most powerful solvers in Houdini, i.e., “Pyrosolver”. You will learn different methods to accelerate your simulations, always working as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will teach you how to create shaders that will make your simulation look realistic.

Recycle! Every setup created during these 8 weeks, can be reused to create new scenes.


Deep Dive (8 weeks)

We will have to put out the fire after the chaos…

This is the final module of the course, and here you will learn to work with FLIP, which is the Houdini’s solver to create liquids.

You will recreate infinite oceans and simulate water. You will learn how to create foam, bubble and spray passes. Finally, we will teach you how to deal with the different viscosities to get simulations of blood, chocolate, honey, yogurt, caramel, etc.

In this third module, you will put together everything you have learned so far to create complex scenes using particles and volume.

Breaking objects, demolishing buildings or splitting a land into two lots, are just some of the challenges you will face here!


  • Good 3D generalist background. This is not an introduction to 3D course but an FX introductory course. No previous experience in Houdini is required, but the student must know and understand the basic 3D concepts.
  • A computer with Windows, Linux or OSX.
  • 16 GB RAM, at least. Take into account that the more RAM, the more resolution and detail will be achieved in the simulations.
  • AMD or Intel 64-bit processor of recent generation.


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