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One of the most impressive effects in films is seeing a large structure collapse or be demolished, either due to a natural disaster, a fearsome beast, or war.

In movies like Pacific Rim, Godzilla, San Andreas, and many others, we have seen the Golden Gate Bridge destroyed in the most impressive ways. The level of FX used in those films is actually amazing.

However… Could you create such a massive FX simulation using just our PC and from the comfort of your home?

The answer is a resounding, yes! In only five weeks of classes, we will set up the collapse of a huge bridge. We will work from scratch, going step by step, from preparing the geometry to the final render.

As is usual in our courses, you will learn to face each phase of this project easily and smartly.

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Have you ever wondered how food in commercials looks so irresistibly delicious? Would you like to learn how to achieve such incredible visual effects? Then, the Tabletop Food Simulation course is perfect for you!

This type of FX is in high demand in advertising because it makes commercials really stand out, attracting customers and generating more sales. This is why so many brands of food products like ice cream, coffee and yogurt use CGI techniques in their ads. Our course, Tabletop Food Simulation, is a valuable proposal we designed as a response to this hot growing market.

During this course, you will learn how to create succulent, small-scale food simulations using the latest tools and techniques in Houdini, using the most optimal workflow, step by step, from the beginning until the final render.

Tabletop Food Simulation is a dynamic course that will not make you waste your time. You will not feel bored or discouraged. Quite on the contrary, you will be eager to start every new week.

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Have you ever dreamed of working on a blockbuster movie? Enroll today in Film FX Program and make your dreams come true!

Film FX Program is an online course designed to learn Houdini while you’re creating, replicating and remastering awesome FX based on films and TV series of recent times.

The goal of this program is to train students to work in the VFX industry so it will be focus on moving through a real VFX production pipeline. Here you will learn how to work in a VFX studio to face any challenge successfully!

At the end of every season, you will be able to plan and develop a complete FX project, getting professional material at the same time for your Demo Reel.

There will be many season to come with increasing difficulty levels. Film FX Program will teach you how to use Houdini to create VFX from beginner to advance level.

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Getting tired of trying to learn Houdini watching tutorials? Join Houdini Renascence Program, the easier and faster way to learn Houdini from scratch!

Houdini Renascence Program is the most complete Houdini course in the market right now. After completing any of the available volumes, you’ll be able to develop amazing FX projects, so you will acquire experience using particles, volumes, rigid bodies, liquids and much more.

If you are looking for to acquire quickly the necessary knowledge to start a career as an FX Artist, this is the right course for you!

You’ll find projects from basic to intermediate level, to develop your skills in a very easy way and create your professional Demo Reel.

Over 1500 students have already joined the program. Will you be next?